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Worried About Losing Your Photos?

Is your phone full of pictures that you’ve taken but not backed up? Bring your phone in today to get a backup made of all your important photos.
16GB Flash Drive
  • Flash drive and file copying included
64GB Flash Drive
  • Flash drive and file copying included

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a lot of factors that go into pricing on many repair services, so some of the listed prices may be different in your case. Factors that can affect price are longer repair times on some computers and higher part costs for some models.

The listed prices are approximations based on repairs done and on current average parts costs and are subject to change. Contact me for an exact quote for your repair.

Hourly Work


Hourly labor in the shop


Hourly labor for remote work


Hourly labor for on-site work

Common Fixed Rate Work


Data transfer (if bundled with hard drive replacement)


Data transfer on its own


New computer set-up (data transfer, program installation, printer setup, etc.)


Virus/malware/spyware removal


Virus/malware/spyware clean-up plus 1-year subscription to Malwarebytes Premium


Computer tune-up (physical cleaning, junk removal, virus check, etc.)